"Praja Raksaka Cares for the People" One Solution to Increase the Welfare of the Bali-Nusra Community

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Jumat, 17 Februari 2023 | 10:47 WIB Last Updated 2023-02-17T03:47:36Z

BALIKINI NEWS | DENPASAR — Kodam IX/Udayana followed up the rehabilitation program for uninhabitable houses (RTLH) as programmed by the Indonesian Army. The rehabilitation of RTLH was carried out in three areas of the IX/Udayana Military Command, namely in the Provinces of Bali, NTB and NTT (Bali-Nusra).

"This is in accordance with the instructions of the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army, General TNI Dr. Dudung Abdurachman, that the Indonesian Army must be present in the midst of the people and be a solution to people's difficulties," said The Military Commander (Pangdam) IX/Udayana Maj. Gen. Sonny Aprianto, S.E., M.M., on the sidelines of a joint sports activity at Field I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Kesatrian Praja Raksaka, Kepaon, South Denpasar, on Thursday (16/2/2023).

"As of the first quarter of 2023, Kodam IX/Udayana has carried out a rehabilitation program for uninhabitable houses for the poor or underprivileged as many as 100 housing units, in which the determination of RTLH rehabilitation was carried out by data collection and directly selected by the Babinsa who know better the condition of their target areas," explained the Pangdam.

The Military Commander further said that implementation in Quarter I had started work on February 1, 2023 with a target time of around one to one and a half months. In implementing it in the field, Kodam IX/Udayana synergizes with local governments and other related parties so that the program is right on target and has the right benefits.

The RTLH program is one of the efforts to improve people's welfare to alleviate poverty because one measure of poverty is the existence of uninhabitable houses occupied by the community.

It should be noted that the rehabilitation of Uninhabitable Houses (RTLH) Kodam IX/Udayana in the first quarter of 2023 which was launched on February 1 was an initiative and assistance of the Regional Military Commander IX/Udayana with the title 'Praja Raksaka Cares for the People' which was carried out in the Bali-Nusra region.

Details of the rehabilitation of RTLH carried out by Kodam IX/Udayana up to Quarter I consisted of Korem 161/Wira Sakti, NTT targeting 30 housing units, Korem 162/Wira Bhakti area, NTB carrying out 30 housing units, as well as in Bali Province which is a Korem 163/Wira Satya area carried out the rehabilitation of 40 residential units.

"Hopefully what Kodam IX/Udayana is trying and doing can provide benefits and as a contribution and concern that can be done with the capabilities they have," concluded the Military Commander. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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  • "Praja Raksaka Cares for the People" One Solution to Increase the Welfare of the Bali-Nusra Community

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